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lakshmi_v's Journal

Lakshmi Visvanathan
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This is the journal of a fictional character created for the online game emerald_facets.

Lakshmi in her native Homid form is a slender, attractive East Indian woman who moves with the grace of a trained dancer. She has long, slightly wavy, brown-black hair, and dark eyes that sparkle with inquisitiveness, and occasionally mischief. Her skin is on the fair side for a South Asian, but not such that she'd pass for white. She tends to dress very colourfully, sometimes in an eclectic East-meets-West combination, such as wearing a choli top with jeans, and other times in more traditionally Indian garb -- more frequently a salwar kameez rather than a sari, for ease of movement, but she does enjoy saris on dressier occasions. She also tends to wear a great deal of jewellery (having a major weakness for anything colourful and/or shiny). She speaks English fairly fluently, but with a trace of an accent that shows that it's not her mother tongue.

To see her in her other forms, you'll have to get to know her better.