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04 June 2006 @ 02:56 am
Arrival in Hawaii  
(( This was the was the first entry I wrote -- the sample post for my character application, actually -- but I've moved it up so that the sequence of events is in the right order, since the post I just made takes place earlier. ))

Lakshmi stepped off the plane, savouring her first breath of Hawaii’s air. For a moment she closed her eyes and tried to imagine she could smell the scent of strange new fruits and flowers, that grew only on this isolated island chain, or maybe at least the tang of the sea. But of course, airports generally all smell pretty much the same, like concrete and jet exhaust. Maybe in another form she’d have been able to pick up more, but oh well. She’d get to know this new land soon enough.

Visiting someplace she’d never been before was always exciting — almost intoxicating, in a way. New places, new people, new scents, sounds, tastes, dances... Her reverie was interrupted as someone cleared their throat impatiently behind her, and she realized she was holding up the other passengers trying to get off the plane. Flashing an apologetic smile over her shoulder, she hurried on into the terminal.

Her suitcase was easy to find on the baggage carousel — not too many others were turquoise and purple, and in case that wasn’t enough she’d added a few sequins here and there to catch the light. It helped to be able to find it in amongst all the others, and there were far too many other interesting things to do for her to want to waste time looking for her luggage. Besides, there really wasn’t any for reason for things to look boring if they didn’t have to.

Up ahead lay the one part of travelling that she never looked forward to — clearing customs and immigration. She had nothing to hide, and given how much she travelled she knew airline regulations inside and out, but she had very little patience for red tape. And she knew from experience that ever since September 11 entering the USA had been especially less pleasant if one happened to have brown skin. Silly people. Well, there always ways to make such experiences entertaining if you really wanted to...

As she’d expected, she was directed aside into the line of people who were to be searched. When her turn came, and she was led into a side room, she drew herself up in her best pose of aristocratic indignation. “If I’m expected to take my clothes off --” she snapped... And then abruptly shifted her look to a flirtatious smile. “-- do I at least get to choose the music?”

Her comment had the desired effect — the older male guard who was supposed to be questioning her was caught off-guard and became very flustered. He assured her she wasn’t going to be strip-searched, and that they just needed to go through her luggage and pat her down. “Oh good,” she replied “I’ve always liked being petted.” She contemplated pretending to purr when that happened, but the female guard entrusted with that part of the search didn’t look like she had much of a sense of humour.

Soon enough it was done and she was cleared to continue, the powers that be being apparently convinced that she was indeed a Hindu entertainer rather than a Muslim terrorist. The male guard was by this point at ease enough to be laughing and joking with her, but the woman still looked fairly sour and cold. Before Lakshmi continued on her way, she paused in front of her. “Are you having a difficult day, darling? You look unhappy.”

The guard seemed startled by the question and unsure how to respond. “Perhaps this will brighten it up,” Lakshmi said, and in one fluid motion removed the colourful silk scarf she was wearing around her neck and draped it around the guard’s, startling her even more.

“Miss, I can’t accept this! We’re not allowed to--”

“Of course you can. I just gave it to you. If you don’t want it, you’ll have to give it to someone else. Maybe someone who looks like they’re having a bad day too. Though I personally think you should keep it — the pink compliments your uniform so nicely.” And with that, she swept out of the room before the guard could give the scarf back.

Yes, she thought, as she stepped out into the sunlight outside the airport. I’m going to have fun here.
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