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24 July 2006 @ 12:43 pm
A Letter Home  
Timeline: a few days after the clash with the Menehune.

Lakshmi lounges on the porch at the bed and breakfast in Princeville, sipping a cold drink and writing her first report back to her mentor. As the letter is in Hindi, she is not overly concerned about passersby happening to glance at it.

[Dear uncle,

I have been on Kauai for two weeks now, and have successfully made contact with the people of the Mother's Open Hands, as they are calling the caern. It is indeed as you said -- a mixed group of eastern and western shapeshifters, of many kinds. The group still seems to be very new -- many are as recently arrived as myself, though the handful of elders who began it have been here longer.

Thus far, the experiment seems to be working -- I have seen very little conflict between the different peoples represented.]

** I have, of course, been the cause of a little conflict, due to my inability to keep my opinions to myself, but let's just not mention that... **

[Even the Garou here seem to be uncommonly well-behaved and I have spoken with several of them. Two of them, a female musician and a young male aspiring artist, are staying in the same bed and breakfast where I am.]

**I'll just leave out the part about his art being Japanese-styled comic books. Though it would be ironic -- and amusing -- if the first serious conflict among the members of the sept was due to him asking one too many of Japanese here the sort of questions he was pestering poor Matt with. **

[There are two other Bastet here, one a Khan from Japan, the other a small cat, the likes of which I have never seen before. I wondered at first if she might be one of the Ceilican, since there are a few who claim that tribe was never truly lost at all, but she has spots like some kind of jungle cat. Are there perhaps tribes of catkind that are so small and obscure we do not know of them? Have you ever heard of any such? I will try to speak to her further.

There are even some here of peoples I had never expected to meet: a bear -- Gurahl, is it, that they call them? They are nearly extinct, are they not? And yet there is one here. And even one of the shark folk, who I had thought avoided the land and despised all who dwelled on it. But this one is very young, and perhaps not so set in his ways as the elders of his kind.]

**Young, and apparently fully in the grip of the raging hormones of adolescence, and prone to become... excited, whenever I am nearby. I must remember to launder that scarf before wearing it, should he ever return it. But we are definitely not going to mention that! **

[There was a brief altercation clash misunderstanding with a strange people native to this place, known as the Menehune, but it was quickly sorted out, and the two peoples are going to arrange an exchange of guests, one of ours going to stay with them and vice versa, in order that we might learn more of each other.

They do not appear to be exactly human -- they look, human, more or less, but they were unaffected by seeing us in our other forms, and seemed to know of our nature. There were a few mentions of them in a book I have been reading on the use of Hawaiian dance forms to transmit myths and legends, but nothing very specific. They are referred to in the few legends I found as a sort of forest pygmies who predate humanity, and some seem to think the tales are a blending of indigenous myth with European fairy lore. I will try to find out more about them -- perhaps I can find some more in-depth books on local legends in a library, or find some local people who know the old tales.]

** Yes, I think "misunderstanding" is best. I don't really need to include that they hurled spears at us and we attacked them with tooth and claw in response. It really was a misunderstaning, just one with an inordinate amount of blood involved. **

[That is all I have to report thus far, mama-ji. I will write again when I have more news.

In service to the Mother of Catkind,


Sitting back, she looks over the letter. ** I think that should be all right... It's a delicate balance. I am charged with being the eyes of the Bastet -- or at least, uncle Gurdeep and his contacts -- in this place, and yet when I know that not all of them are friendly towards this project, I do not want to give away too much and inadvertently endanger what is being built here. I hope that what I have written will be all right... Well, it will have to be, I suppose. **

Resisting the temptation to make any more changes, she seals it an envelope, addresses it to her uncle's Rajasthan estate, and sets out for the nearest mailbox.
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